An English teacher finds
the music in her soul

High school English teacher, Gerilyn Hampton wants to make a permanent move to the music department and coach the concert band to victory in the state competition. She dreams of marriage and a family, but has very high standards and wants nothing less than a knight in shining armor to make all her dreams come true. But she takes on more than she could ever have imagined when she begins a relationship with ex-rock musician John Price Maitland.

John brings plenty of baggage with him: a custody battle with his ex-wife over his six year old daughter and a dispute with his manager over his decision to pursue a different career path. Most importantly for Geri, he carries a deep fear of commitment. Geri’s pedantic high school principal hates rock music and is looking for any excuse to shut down the music department for good.

Can Geri overcome all the obstacles in both her private and professional lives, mesh the disparate halves and ride off into the sunset with a knight who wears tails and tennis shoes? She will have to pull off a hat trick to do so, but first she has to throw out all her dowdy, conservative outfits along with her preconceived ideas about rock stars and learn to fight for what she wants and believes in, whatever the cost.

Copyright 2019 Heather Ames