Some events touch our lives, others change it forever

Waking up with a stranger and a rose tattoo on her thigh isn’t the worst thing that happens to socialite and supper club Kaylen Roberts. It pales in comparison when she’s pursued and terrorized by a Miami drug cartel looking for a key they believe her boyfriend, Tim Madison left with her.

The stranger isn’t random, either. Brian Swift is Tim’s half-brother and a Miami homicide detective on suspension, accused of taking bribes. Brian’s frequently in hot water for protecting Tim and using investigation methods that walk a fine line between what’s legal and what isn’t, but even his talents are put to the test when Tim goes missing,

He not only has to take Kaylen as an unlikely partner, but he also embarks on a hell-bent trip down memory lane to follow convoluted clues Tim left. The trail leads him on a life-changing journey that could cost him his life.

Praise from fellow novelists

"Lots of excitement, intrigue, and some steamy romance between these pages." —G.B. Pool, author of more than a dozen books including the Johnny Casino Casebook series and the Gin Caufield P.I. series.

"Ames does it well: car chases, car crashes, gunshots—all well crafted and highly visual. The storyline is intriguing, puzzling, yet credible, with a nicely satisfying ending…" —Bonnie Schroeder, author of Mending Dreams

"Indelible is a tight, solid story. I haven't read a suspense in a while, and I enjoyed this one."—Kathryn Lively, author of Killing the Kordovas

Raves from Amazon readers

"Never a dull moment! Ingenious plot packed, and I mean packed! with action and thrills and mayhem, not to mention sex.  Very believable details, tight plot. Hated to put it down."

"I bought this book and couldn’t put it down. The characters, setting and story gripped me with every page."

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