Love and gold are a dangerous mix

Crystal Penney and Cody Blye have more to worry about than half-ownership in an Arizona ghost town. Besides a gold rush, a skeleton in the hotel’s attic closet and a hidden stash of gold doubloons, there’s the matter of their old love affair.

But their unresolved differences may have to wait. There’s a murderer in Cactus Station, and Cody’s under suspicion.

Reader reviews for All That Glitters

"...the story is pretty much unputdown-able. I enjoyed All That Glitters and would definitely recommend it to any romance lover who wants to spend a few hours lost in a good book."
—Heliotrope of Long and Short Reviews, 4 BOOKS

"This is a fascinating tale of lost treasure and lost love. It's a beautiful mesh of a love story and a mystery/suspense novel. I found myself unable to stop reading."
—Connie of Once Upon a Romance Reviews

“This was a lovely story, well worth the read - witty, intriguing…it is a book I will read again.”
—Desiree of Enchanting Reviews, 3 ENCHANTMENTS

"…a lively story loaded with romance and mystery. All That Glitters belongs on the list of superb suspense stories."
—Gail of Night Owl Romance Reviews, 4.5 HEARTS

“…a suspenseful story that kept me on the edge of my seat. This was a very well written book that I fell in love with.”
—Alisha of 2 Lips Reviews, 4 1/2 LIPS

"I really enjoyed this story...the author's characterizations and dialogue...and love scenes are excellent."
—Maura of Coffee Time Romance, 4 CUPS

“…well drawn characters will greet you in every chapter and keep you reading. A well told tale will make you a satisfied reader and feel this book was well worth the time.”
—Anne K. Edwards of Mystery Fiction Reviews

“… a  read that keeps you guessing. Ms. Ames has broken out of the typical mold of what we expect to see in a male lead with great success.”
—Devon of Fallen Angel Reviews, 4 ANGELS


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